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As previously announced, all our efforts to save VWG have failed and I am now closing down the forums. See: https://forums.vwgsupport.com/showthread.php?tid=14764.

For further information on the closure and your options, see https://forums.vwgsupport.com/showthread.php?tid=14799


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Forums and current services are closing down
Hi all,

Due to the latest developments, where there is no hope for the VWG rescue effort to succeed, we have now fully abandoned the idea of saving VWG via the rescue effort and that effort has been closed down.

Following this, I am now closing down the forums which will from now on be subscriber only with no public forums, accessible only to subscribers of my new services which I am about to launch. The only exception is the public announcements forum, which will remain as read only for everyone.  Information on my new services will be available upon request ONLY. Such a request should be sent to my email address, palli@vwgsupport.com. Before you request information on these new services, you should know that a) They are not free, b) They will help you continue using VWG in your applications, c) They require 12 month commitments, with the only exception being activations of older VWG licenses via offline activation assistance.

Those of you who have already expressed interest in these new services will receive a message within a day or two. 

Notes for active subscribers of my current (old) services: 
  • Recurring monthly subscriptions will stay active until their anniversary date and will NOT renew.
  • 6 and 12 month subscribers will have a choice to keep their current services until the anniversary date or remaining whole months can be valued propotionally and serve as partial payment for the new services, should they choose to subscribe to the new ones.


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