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Hello ,

Time is indeed running out for the VWG rescue effort.

If the VWG rescue effort fails, there may be no more downloads of VWG, no forums, no wiki, no support !

If you depend on VWG, then NOW is the time to act and commit to the VWG rescue effort.

See more information on https://forums.vwgsupport.com/showthread.php?tid=14686

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Hello ,

Please understand that subscriptions to the forums is NOT the same as the rescue effort fundraising now being pursued by TeamMacro !

TeamMacro's fundraising is for purchasing VWG's source code. If we don't get that, VWG will slowly die. And time is running out !

Forum subscriptions are for support, data migration and hosting of existing VWG data, but NOT the VWG source.

If we don't raise enough funds to purchase the VWG source code, the VWG websites will also die (including forums, wiki, downloads, support) and of course there will be no way to offer forum subscriptions any more .... basically everything VWG related will die unless we can purchase the VWG code.

If you care about VWG, act NOW by following https://forums.vwgsupport.com/showthread.php?tid=14686

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